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Final new Quake Live map (for now) due next week

For the past five weeks, id Software has been adding one new level per week to their free-to-play first person shooter Quake Live. Next week id will release the final new map in the series (for now). Unlike some of the previous new map releases which were remakes of old Quake 3 Arena levels, this next one will be an all new map.

The map is titled Quarantine and is designed by Yan 'Method' Ostretsov, the map maker behind the all new Siberia map that was released in the second week of this promotion. Quarantine supports the Clan Arena, Team Deathmatch, Duel, and Free for All gameplay modes and allows up to 10 players. While this is the final map in this promotion, id Software has promised to add even more new maps in the future.

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