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E3 2009: A final look at the show floor

E3 2009 is now a memory and the LA Convention Center is likely full of trucks and boxes as the massive displays and exhibits are packed up and moved out of the convention halls. Today journalists are heading home to the airport and game developers and publishers are taking a few moments to rest up before they begin their next big promotional push.

So was E3 2009 "successful" as the ESA claims? We think so. It was smaller than the "classic" E3 shows of the past. indeed a large part of one of the two major conventional halls wasn't even used. Yet the show didn't have that feeling of being just a tiny business meeting like the last two E3 events either. It was "just right" as the saying goes.

We will still be doing some more E3 2009 game impressions in the next few days but for now we are heading back home after a long week. In the meantime check out some images from the show floor that we took in the past few days.


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