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E3 2009: Homefront eyes-on impressions

THQ didn't have much to show in the way of new PC game titles at this year's E3 2009 event but they did show a brief demo of one game coming to the PC that look very interesting. It's called Homefront and we got to see a (hands-off) live presentation about the title during the show.

The game from developer Kaos Studios (Frontlines: Fuel of War) takes place a couple of decades from now where the world is gripped in a global energy crisis and the North Koreans have now occupied the US. Your character's name is Conner and as the E3 2009 demo began he's regaining conscious, finding himself in some kind of "safe" community in Colorado. The town is full of women and children and gets its power from makeshift windmills and solar panels.
The demo made Connor a mysterious but apparently important character. All we know is that the people in this community respect him but he's been put on some kind of "list". In any case things go from peaceful to violent quickly as the "safe" community comes under attack from the North Koreans.

Military forces, which include remote controlled planes, swoop into the town and being killing everyone in sight. Your character gets arms and defends the down. At one point the demo has the town leader bring in "Goliath", a big remote controlled tank that takes out some opposing forces. However it look like that action simply delays the inevitable. The demo ends on a cliffhanger note with the E3 audience wondering, "Where is this game going?"

Kaos is not talking much about the game at all at this point. They would not offer any more story details and even a release date is not being talked about. They did talk about working with film maker John Milius who directed his own occupied US story in the movie Red Dawn. After Kaos came up with Homefront's basic concept they went to Milius who has helped with expanding the storyline.

Overall Homefront looks like it has a great idea and the demo was certainly exciting to watch. But there are a lot of unanswered questions about the game and Kaos isn't willing to give out much more at this point. And that's actually quite refreshing in a game developer who doesn't want to spoil some surprises. We do hope to learn more about the game in the months ahead.

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