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E3 2009: Rogue Warrior eyes-on impressions

In October of 2006, Bethesda Softworks held a big press event in Las Vegas for Rogue Warrior, a new tactical shooter based loosely on the real life of former Navy SEAL Richard Marcinko. The game was originally to be developed by Zombie Studios and use Epic's Unreal Engine 3.

But something happened during the game's development and it's something that Bethesda still doesn't really talk about. What is clear is that they decided to take a new direction and make Rogue Warrior into a single-man shooter rather than go the tactical group route. They also decided to move to a new developer, UK-based Rebellion, to actually make the game.

Gallery: Rogue Warrior

At Bethesda's E3 2009 booth, we got to see a build of Rogue Warrior which is now using Rebellion's own in-house game engine. The game features a fictional version of Richard Marcinko and is voiced (cuss words and all) by none other than Mickey Rourke. One thing is for sure about this game; the language alone will make it an "M" rated title.

Of course the violence will have something to do with it as well. During our (unfortunately hands-off) demo of the game we got to see Marcinko battle Soviet soldiers with some quick shooting (including blindfire modes) as he attempts to blow up a bridge (why he was blowing up the bridge is something that wasn't entirely made clear but maybe the full game explains it).

Our character sets up the charges while dodging Soviet bullet fire and the resulting explosion really puts the enemy in chaos. Naturally Marcinko makes the most of the situation as he fires upon the troops who have no idea that it's just one guy doing all of this death and destruction. Sometimes the virtual Marcinko can go into a cinematic look for some quick-kill melee action.

At one point the power goes out at the Soviet army base and Marcinko puts on his night vision glasses which means he can quickly take out enemies since they can't see him. Naturally the Soviets bring in their own night vision-equipped soldiers so that advantage doesn't stay for long.

The brief demo for Rogue Warrior showed a game that wasn't terribly innovative but still looked like a lot of fun to play. Multiplayer fans will be happy to know the game will also have online features with six maps and a number of different multiplayer modes.

Overall the switch in developers and in the scope of the game itself seem to work well and having Mickey Rourke come in to do voice over work for this very adult-sounding title is a perfect match. Rogue Warrior is currently set for release before the end of the year.


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