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E3 2009: Celebs hit the E3 show floor and we have the pictures

Why go to Comic-Con and see celebs chat from a far away panel table when you can chat with them up close and personal at E3 2009? That was our feeling as we just walked around the show floor on Tuesday. Mickey Rourke was at Bethesda Softworks' booth (big security guard in tow) to sign posters for Rogue Warrior, where he was handling the voice work.

Also at the show was actor Mark Sheppard who was signing at the High Voltage booth just across from Bethesda's exhibit. Sheppard, best known at the moment for his role as Romo Lampkin in Battlestar Galactica, is voicing a role in the WII FPS The Conduit.

Finally, we bumped into none other than Jason Sudeikis of Saturday Night Live fame at Bethesda's booth. He's actually a big gamer (he loves some Call of Duty 4) and is attending E3 to report on the show for NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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