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Guide to TF2 Sniper Achievements, Part 6

I'd like to take this time to tell ya one thing, mate: thanks for standing still! Seriously! I'd be gobsmacked if ya blokes ever took the time to actually move around! Granted, it would not make ya live that much longer, but hey, more power to ya. Now, if ya want to know something, I'll let you in on a secret. I mean, we are mates, after all. All the other snipers love a good story 'round the bush telly. So I'm gonna show you how to give them a whopper next time we have a barbie. Just don't let the others know that I helped ya. They'd whinge like nothing else. Especially don't let them know that I've helped ya more than one, two, three, four, or five times.

Self-destruct Sequence

Headshot 10 enemy Snipers.

Another easily attained achievement if you are playing the game normally, much like Australian Rules. Nothing gets the blood pumping, the bullets whizzing, and the wounds appearing than a good old-fashioned Sniper war. The most common map for this is 2fort, so if you want to get this achievement, chances are you should play on a 24/7 2fort server. Simply play as Sniper for a few minutes, getting headshots left and right, and you're set! Naturally, no headshots on regular players count, but it does not have to be ten consecutive headshots. Just ten in total!

To farm this, simply have a friend play as Sniper and stand still as you shoot him in the head ten times. Since the achievement only asks for ten headshots on Snipers, you can headshot the same Sniper multiple times without problem. This achievement is easily farmed with Australian Rules (for obvious reasons), The Last Wave, and Be Efficient.

Note: This achievement counts both arrow and rifle headshots, which means that you can also attempt to get Dead Reckoning along with this achievement if you so wish. The title of the achievement is also cryptic, so we have no clue what it could be a reference to!


Stab an enemy with an arrow.

Another achievement that requires the Huntsman, this achievement follows the same form as every taunt achievement before it, such as OMGWTFBBQ. Get the weapon out, taunt near an enemy, and watch as your taunt damages or kills them. In the case of shafted, you stab at the enemy with an arrow from the Huntsman. Naturally, the best place to do this is next to an enemy that is not paying attention, suck as... an enemy Sniper. So the best time to try this is to get into an enemy Sniper area and get right up next to them before taunting. Farming this achievement is simple as well, since there are no other achievements that you can farm with. Simply get a friend to stand still while you stab him.

Note: Stabbing an enemy is not an instant kill, interestingly enough. Rather, you stun the enemy, who is then killed when you pull the arrow out of him.

Shock Treatment

Kill a spy whose backstab attempt was blocked by your Razorback.

Another unlockable-based achievement, this one requires you to be attentive as well as have the Razorback equipped. When a Spy backstabs you while you have the Razorback, it will break and his backstab attempt will be blocked. Then turn around and slice him up with the kukri. Once you do this, you will get the achievement. You do not have to kill the Spy with your Kukri, but it is the fastest way to do so. The SMG does not deal enough damage and your primary weapon (Rifle or Huntsman) will likely miss that close.

To farm this achievement, have a buddy backstab you while you have the Razorback equipped. Then turn around and kill him. It's as easy as that! This achievement, unfortunately, can not be farmed with Jarring Transition or Jarate Chop, as both the Razorback and the Jarate replace the SMG. This forces you to use one or the other. However, it does count towards Kook the Spook.

Note: The problem with this achievement is that a Spy can see your Razorback as you carry it. Therefore, they can back up and attempt to kill you from a distance with one of the revolver weapons. Therefore, this achievmeent may be fairly difficult, thanks to the Razorback being clearly visible.

Shoot the Breeze

Kill a fully invisible Spy in a single hit.

Possibly the hardest achievement in this entire update, SHoot the Breeze has you killing an enemy Spy that you can not see with a single shot. As most Spies will cloak outside the range of vision of a Sniper, you are out of luck unless the Spy bumps into somebody or is shot on accident. The subsequent outline glimmer will let you pinpoint where he is, and then plot his movements and kill him. Note that you do not have to headshot the Spy, but it certainly helps. Also, a fully-charged shot will kill a Spy with a body hit.

Farming this achievement is the way to go, as it simply has a Spy cloaking and standing still for you as you get a headshot. Because of this, it goes well with any of the kill or headshot achievements. However, if you throw a Jarate on the Spy first, it will not count towards this achievement, as the Jarate shorts out the Spy cloak.

Note: A Spy that has been bumped into still counts as a "fully invisible Spy". It is only the Spy that is cloaking or decloaking that is not susceptible to ths achievement. Also, this achievement name is an idiom that essentially means "to do nothing". In this case, it refers to the breeze being invisible, much like the Spy.

Socket to Him

Headshot an enemy Demoman.

An extremely easy achievement, all you have to do is headshot an enemy Demoman. There is nothing else required! No fancy footwork or interesting goals, just a good old-fashioned headshot. Therefore, simply play the Sniper as you should and kill everybody with headshots! You will eventually hit a Demoman, netting you the achievement. Farming this one is absolutely silly, as you can do it effortlessly through normal play, especially on maps with wide-open spaces such as 2fort. So don't even bother to farm this.

Note: I promise that this is the last of these type of achievements. What type of achievements? Ones that reference the Meet the Sniper video. This achievement is in the game because of the sniping of an enemy Heavy that results in collateral damage to an enemy Demoman. To hilarious effect, of course.

Want advice on more achievements? Check out Big Download's Comprehensive Achievement Guide for Team Fortress 2. Don't forget to visit the downloads section for HD trailers including all the "Meet the..." videos.


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