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Movie director Gore Verbinkski to help develop games

The movie version of BioShock may currently be in limbo but that hasn't stopped the film's schedule director Gore Verbinski from being interested in games. In a new article on the Los Angeles Times web site he reveals that he has plans to help develop original game titles with his production company.

So what will his games be like? According to Verbinski, "Some of the stuff we're doing is taking a conventional [first person shooter] experience and tweaking it in a way that hasn't been thought of before. We looked at it from a different angle and changed the experience. " He adds that he has some other ideas as well. " . . . we're doing big epic narratives that are four quadrant experiences. And then we're doing some really radical thinking. That's more difficult to fund immediately, but we're think-tanking it because we feel like there's tremendous potential."

Verbinski has hired a former Pandemic Studios designer to work on game projects for his production company and Universal Studios has a first look deal at those game projects.


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