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E3 2009: E3's big game banners are BACK!

We have arrived safe and sound in Los Angeles and have gotten our media badges for E3 2009. And it was a great pleasure to see that this year's expo has the return of the big game banners that were the staples of previous E3 trade shows. Massive outdoor banners for games like Assassin's Creed 2 and Modern Warfare 2 and indoor banners for titles like Battlefield 1943 and Need For Speed Shift (actually a lot of Need For Speed Shift banners) are all over the convention center.

Obviously things are still in the preparation stage at the convention center but we expect to see a lot more cool banners and exhibits when E3 2009 officially opens its doors on Tuesday at noon PT (3 pm ET). In the meantime we are very excited that this year's show is looking like it will be a true return to the great E3's of old.


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