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Jumpgate Evolution officially delayed; new release date not revealed

One of the biggest MMO launches that we thought might be released in 2009 is Jumpgate Evolution, the revamp of Netdevil's first space-based MMO game with improved graphics, lots of new content and more. For a while Netdevil and publisher Codemasters have been touting a release date for the game for sometime in June.

However, in a new development update on the game, Netdevil co-founder Scott Brown stated that they have discovered some issues after some "Friends and Family" testing of the game. Brown staters, "Based on these results, it is clear that the product needs more time to meet its objectives." A new release date for Jumpgate Evolution was not given but Brown states, " Once we've established our road map for the next few months we'll share with you when the revised release date is."


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