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Battleforge turns into free-to-play game . . . kind of

Electronic Arts' recent fantasy RTS game Battleforge launched just a couple of months ago but today the publisher has announced that the title has had a major shift in its launch. The entire game is now available to download from the Battleforge's web site as it shifts to a free to play game.

What does this mean, exactly? It means that the download client contains the entire version of the game; all the maps and scenarios and the ability to buy Booster Cards and bid on cards in the game's Auction House. It also contains 32 of the game's cards. However the free-to-play version does not contain any Battleforge points (which are earned in the game and can be used to purchase more cards).

The $29.99 retail version of the game is still being sold in stores. The retail game's code can now be redeemed for 3000 Battleforge points and 64 of the game's cards in its starter deck in the downloadable free-to-play version. You can also buy multiple versions of the retail version and use the code to buy more points and to get multiple cards.

Download the Battleforge free-to-play client at Big Download

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