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So why is ArmA called ArmA, anyway?

As Bohemia Interactive puts the finishing touches on their military shooter sequel ArmA II, you may be wondering to yourself, "Self, what in the wide, wide world of sports does 'ArmA' mean?" Well we happen to have that info for you via a statement from Bohemia's Marek Spanel "The word 'Arma' is Latin in origin; a multifaceted word that depending on context can be used to mean defensive arms, shields, soldiers or weapons of war amongst others."

And why use such a name for this game? Spanel says they wanted a title " . . that is easily remembered and pronounced across different languages and to signify that just like the name itself, ArmA II's gameplay is boldly different and not afraid to deviate from tried and tested shooter formulae." Hope that clears everything up because there will be a test on this (Ok, not really).

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