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Mythos to live again . . . but will US residents get to play it?

The shut down of Flagship Studios caused the development company to close down their plans for a free-to-play MMO title Mythos. However Korean-based developer HanbitSoft announced early on that they acquired the rights to continue the game's development. Today they sent out a press release announcing that they are working to re-launch the game, stating, "MYTHOS is in good condition where it's being reconstructed to become more suitable as online game. We are trying to keep the strengths that the game used to have, and make them even stronger, while eliminating its weaknesses."

At the moment, the official Mythos web site is almost entirely in Korean which makes us wonder if the game itself will be playable for US residents. Meanwhile the original Flagship Studios Mythos team has reformed as Runic Games and announced recently their own original free-to-play MMO Torchlight.

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