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Trion World Network to reveal first game at E3

Well, it's certainly about time. After years of press releases and hints, the MMO game developer Trion World Network has finally announced that it will reveal its first game at next month's E3 event. They even gave us the name of the game in today's press release: Heroes of Telara,

Details about the game are still pretty vague with the press release saying that " . . . Heroes of Telara will feature an unprecedented level of rich and dynamic gameplay, driven by recurring events, unexpected challenges and limitless new content." This sounds like the same game that was being directed by Trion World Network founder Jon Van Caneghem. However he has since left the company under a cloud of . . . something so it will be interesting to see how Trion spins this game at E3. The company is also working on an MMO in collaboration with the Sci-Fi Channel (soon to be SyFy . . . ugh) and just announced plans to work with third party developer Petroglyph on an unnnamed MMORTS game.


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