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Download: Luna Online Closed Beta Client

Luna Online is a cute free-to-play MMO that will enter closed beta on Friday, April 17th. Visit the official website for more information and to sign-up for an account.
"Luna Online is a socially-focused MMORPG that introduces many innovative features never before seen in the MMO genre, including a robust farming system, player families, reality-based Match Making and Date Instances. With over 40 different Job classes and hundreds of unique skills, Luna Online offers players nearly limitless customization options, all designed to be effective when playing solo or with a group of friends. Powerful character customization tools and deep crafting options allows you to maximize your character's potential based on the choices you make and the friends you meet along the way. Join the armies of humans, elves, and dwarves as they band together to harness the power of the Goddess Luna and turn back the tide of evil demons threatening to destroy their world forever!"

Download Luna Online Close Beta Client (599 MB)


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