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Departures and additions for PC Gaming Alliance?

The PC Gaming Alliance may have lost one of its founding members. The non-profit group of companies no longer lists Activision as one of the members on its official web site. The massive game publisher is one of the few such companies that joined the PC Gaming Alliance when it launched last year. If it has indeed left the organization it would leave Capcom, Microsoft and Epic Games as the only game developers-publishers in the PC Gaming Alliance highest membership tier (The downloadable PC game publisher WildTangent is a member of the lower membership tier)

A new addition to the member list is Sony DADC. Not familiar with it? It's the parent company of SecuROM, the copy-protection program that is used on many PC titles. It's also software that has been slammed by a number of vocal PC gaming consumers for its use in DRM set-ups. Indeed the listing for Sony DADC on the PC Gaming Alliance site links directly to the SecuROM site. We've contacted the PC Gaming Alliance to find out if Activision has truly left and why and why Sony DACD was selected to join the group. At the time of this post they have yet to respond to our inquires.

[Thanks Mikko]


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