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Time Warner Cable creates a unlimited broadband tier . . . for $150

Earlier this week we reported on Time Warner Cable's testing efforts to create different tiers of broadband service based on download amounts with overages costs if their usage goes over their pre-set amount. As one might expect this kind of service has been slammed in the media as a way for Time Warner Cable to get more money. Now the company is striking back with word that they will introduce a new 100 GB cap tier for heavy Internet users.

That tier will cost $75 a month with a $1 per GB overage fee. The kicker is that Time Warner Cable will not charge over $75 for the overage fee. That basically makes the 100 GB tier an unlimited one, provided you can pay $150 per month. Naturally the prospect of paying $150 for unlimited use is still not making Time Warner Cable users happy, especially since other high-speed ISPs either have higher download caps for lower fees or no caps at all. We suspect this debate is not over yet.

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