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MI6 game marketing and promotional award finalists announced

Did you know that not only do game developers and publishers get awards for their work but also the people who create marketing and ad campaigns for those games? Yes, they do. In fact the 2009 finalists for those awards have just been announced. They are organized by MI6. No it has nothing to do with UK spies. In fact it's a non-profit organization "dedicated to maximizing the effectiveness and
supporting the success of marketing, promotion and advertising professionals involved in the interactive entertainment community."

The group is holding its annual conference in San Fransisco this week and they will announce the winners of their annual MI6 awards on April 8. The nominees have just been posted on the MI6 web site (in PDF format) covering things like TV and online ad campaigns, best logo and even best chotchkie. You can head out there for the full list but we want to highlight one category: "Don't You Wish You'd Thought of This". It basically covers anything out of the ordinary. We think the winner should be the "Fallout 3 PAX Experience" which had a real Airstream motor home, a plastic "nuclear family" and more.

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