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New Jumpgate Evolution screenshots; hardware requirements revealed

Netdevil's upcoming space-based MMO Jumpgate Evolution is ramping up for its planned June launch date and today the game's publisher Codemasters released some new screenshots showing off more of the graphical goodness of the title. More importantly, the publisher also revealed the hardware requirements needed to run the game.

Jumpgate Evolution has been designed to run on PCs that are no longer at the top of the performance ladder. The press release also emphasized that the game has support for a wide range of joysticks (as seen above) as well as gamepad controllers in addition to the typical mouse-keyboard support. Check out the minimal and recommended hardware specs for the game after the jump.

Minimal Specfications:
Windows XP/Vista
Intel P4 1.4GHz or better (2GHz if using Vista)
512MB RAM (1GB if using Vista)
64MB Graphics Card
Direct X® 9.0c
Broadband connection
2x DVD ROM Drive
8GB free hard disk space

Recommended Specifications:
Windows XP/Vista
Dual-core Intel Pentium D
2GB RAM, 256MB Graphics card with vertex and pixel shader capability.

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