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Hellgate London: Still dead in US and Europe

If you live in Asia, you will soon be able to access the latest online update for Hellgate London. The multiplayer action-RPG, first created by the now shut down Flagship Studios, has some new life thanks to Korean based HanbitSoft and the game's new developer, the San Fransisco based Redbana USA.

A new 1.5 patch for the game will be released in the near future which is supposed to improve the games Player Vs Player features. But in a new press release issued this morning, HanbitSoft repeated what has been reported before; US and European players can't sign onto their servers to play the game. The press release states, "We cannot open up the server in Korea to allow access by US and European players as this will constitute infringing upon Namco Bandai's publishing rights in the US and Europe." Namco Bandai shut down those servers earlier this year and so far the publisher doesn't seem interested in giving up their territorial rights to HanbitSoft.

[via email press release]

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