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April Fool's Alert: City of Heroes goes retro - way retro

NCsoft is close to releasing their latest update for their super hero MMO City of Heroes, one which will add something rare for the MMO genre: User created missions and content. However on this April Fool's Day the publisher has just announced a new spin-off game that promises to bring back the 1980s to both the game world and its players.

City of Heroes: Golden Age isn't just about playing in a super hero universe back in the days of Ghostbusters and the first music videos. It's all about playing the game in the style of those 1980s PC game titles. That's right, friend: you are playing the game via the always fun text adventure interface. NCsoft recommends that your PC have at least DOS 3.1, a 386 processor or higher, 640k of RAM and a 1200 baud Hayes-compatible modem. For most of us that means breaking into the piggy bank for upgrades.


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