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No Madden NFL 10 for the PC; no new EA NHL PC game as well?

Last year, Electronic Arts decided to cut most of its PC versions of their many EA Sports games, including the latest version of the popular Madden NFL franchise. Only the NHL and FIFA games had PC ports last year. Well PC football fans who were hoping EA might reverse itself with this year's Madden just got hit with some bad news. The just announced Madden NFL 10 (for 2010) did not have the PC among its many different platforms it will appear on this year. Big Download emailed EA Sports for comment and a PR rep confirmed the news saying, "We have no plans to release Madden NFL 10 on the PC this year. We continue to explore ideas to revitalize the PC for sports games and the types of games that are best suited to the platform, and this remains our goal for the Madden NFL franchise. "

Meanwhile there are rumors that EA Sports could be abandoning the PC port for their NHL game this year. According to a post on the message boards at the the Hockey Downloads web site the writer claims he has gotten world from EA's NHL producer that a PC port won't be made. We consider this to be a rumor since EA has not officially confirmed this news. EA Sports' PR rep told us tonight, "We have no other announcements regarding our other franchises at this time."

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