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(Unofficial) Fallout MMO director departs Interplay for inXile

It's looking like there might be trouble for Interplay's plans to make a Fallout MMO game. Today developer inXile Entertainment has announced that Jason Anderson, who previously was to be the creative director for Interplay's Project V13 MMO (which is almost certainly a Fallout MMO project) has left Interplay to join inXile to work on an unannounced RPG title.

Anderson was one of the original creators of the Fallout series when he worked at Interplay in the late 1990s. He then left to help form Trokia Games. When that developer shut down Anderson returned to Interplay in late 2007 to work on their MMO title. With his departure to join inXile (founded by former Interplay CEO Brian Fargo) one has to question the future of the Fallout MMO project.


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