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More info on InstantAction's port of Tribes; GarageGames now owns Tribes IP

On Tuesday we reported that GarageGames was going to port the original Starsiege: Tribes game to work with their InstantAction.com browser based game web site. Today the site's official blog page has some more info on this new development.

The big news: GarageGames does indeed now own the Tribes IP. It bought the rights from Activision Blizzard late in 2008. Previously all Tribes games were published by Vivendi Games but, as with many game franchises absorbed in their merger with Activision last year the management team decided not to move forward with any more Tribes titles.

The original Kotaku story, however, was wrong in saying the game will have upgraded graphics. However it does support modern file formats. It will also be distributed as a stand alone game but can also be played via the InstantAction.com browser site. More info on the port is expected to be announced next week.


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