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Download: Three Kingdoms Install Client

The free-to-play MMORPG, Three Kingdoms, is scheduled to officially come out of beta and go live tonight at 8PM PST. Players that joined last week's open beta will be able to keep their characters. Visit the official website for more information and to sign up for an account.
"Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins chronicles the tragic last reign of the Han dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 220), when the Chinese empire was divided into three kingdoms at battle. This important period in Chinese history became a subject of extreme and continuing interest to historians, poets, and dramatists. Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins narrates this account and provides players the opportunity to choose from 4 gripping and distinctive character classes to help battle through 200 extraordinary levels packed with boss monsters and their relentless followers. As players undergo the world of Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins, they can reshape the story by carefully planning and executing political assassinations."

Download the Three Kingdoms Install Client (675 MB)


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