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Second Sins of a Solar Empire micro-expansion could take a while

With fans now enjoying the first micro-expansion, Entrenchment, for Sins of a Solar Empire, many are wondering when the second of the three planned expansions for Ironclad Games' space strategy title will be released. Well you may have to wait a while. 1Up.com quotes Ironclad's co-founder Blair Fraser as saying, "I guess the only answer I can give to the second micro expansion release date is it'll be done when it's done. "

As we have previously reported the second micro-expansion (which doesn't have a title yet) will concentrate on expanding the diplomacy features in the game. However, Fraser said that in between expansions they might release some special things that "have nothing to do with patches, upgrades, or expansions". Some of that stuff was content that Ironclad cut due to issues with the ESRB ratings board. Hmmm. . . . we wonder what that could be.


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