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Download: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 v1.30 Patch

Patch updates Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 to v1.30, which fixes a number of bugs and updates the game with the most current information. Continue reading for full patch notes.

Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 v1.30 Patch (21 MB)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 v1.30 Patch Notes

Sometimes during Network play, the pass and go move didn't work.
When hitting long passes or shots from free kicks, players couldn't adjust the direction using L1 or R1.
The v1.30 patch will bring all club sides' rosters in line with all the transfers made before the end of the January 2009 transfer window. Hundreds of players have been updated and corrected according to their moves, with approximately 200 new players added to the game for the first time. The stats of thousands of players have also been refined, in line with their performances so far this season.

The new team data follows an update released yesterday, which corrects small technical issues within PES 2009, including the importation of photo data.

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