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Charter becomes latest ISP to impose download caps (with one exception)

It looks like yet another major cable ISP is going to be putting in some bandwidth download caps on their Internet services, at least for some of their customers. DSLReports.com has word direct from Charter Communications that, "later this month we will be updating our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to establish monthly residential bandwidth consumption thresholds."

Customers who have an Internet connection with speeds below 15 Mbps will have a 100 GB cap while folks who have between 15-25 Mpbs will have a 250 GB cap. The one exception is the just announced 60 Mbps service which will have no download caps. Charter insists that, "More than 99% of our customers will not be affected by our updated policy, as they consume far less bandwidth than the threshold allows." Comcast has already imposed similar download caps on their customers. For more info on how these caps could affect the PC game industry in the future, check out our recent feature on the subject.

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