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Ensemble's unannounced games revealed

Dallas-based Ensemble Studios has now officially closed its doors and with that shutdown ends an era of PC gaming as the Age of Empires creators move on. Gamasutra has a new feature that offers a tour of the Ensemble offices in its final days and also reveals some unannounced game projects that never got off the ground.

A couple have been revealed before such as a Halo MMO and a RPG called Sorcerer. However the article reveals other titles such as a sci-fi action-RPG called Nova and a platformer called Barn. There's even a photo of some art designs for a action game called Agent. Even their just completed Xbox 360 game Halo Wars started life as an original property called Phoenix. The article states that half the Ensemble team will reform under a new company headed up by Ensemble co-founder Tony Goodman.


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