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Trion World Network confirms layoffs but says games are unaffected

Even if the company you work for has raised a whopping $100 million, it seems you can still be laid off your job. GameCyte reports that's exactly what has happened at Trion World Network. The start-up MMO game developer, formed in 2006, laid off about 20 of its employees this week, according to unnamed sources.

In a follow-up article, Trion's CEO Lars Butler confirmed that layoffs had occurred but characterized it as a minor restructuring of the company. The company's web team has been let go and other positions have been moved from Trion's Redwood Shores, CA studio to its Austin, Texas office. The development of Trion's two unnamed games (a fantasy MMO and a collaboration with the Sci-Fi Channel) has not been affected, according to Butler. Still for a company that was announced way back in September 2006, the fact that they have not yet revealed any solid details for their game titles is troubling.


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