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CES 2009: New Lenovo all-in-one PC includes Wii-like gaming remote

With the Consumer Electronics Show just a few days away, hardware companies are making announcements on what new products they will be showing off. PC maker Lenovo, best known for their ultra-light notebooks, has announced plans to release the IdeaCenter A600, an all-in-one PC design that also includes a Wii-like wireless remote that will be used, among other things, for games.

The PC, which has a 21 inch built in monitor, will also have a wireless remote that is being promoted by Lenovo as a gaming controller. Reportedly a number of games that will support the wireless controller will be included in the PC but there's no details on what the games will be like. Pricing for the PC will begin at $999. We remain skeptical, however, about this product and think it could be nothing more than a novelty rather than a series gaming PC.


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