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Left 4 Dead wins Best PC Game at Spike's Video Game Awards

The annual Video Game Awards on Spike TV are over and a number of games available on the PC won many of the major catagories in the event. Most notably, Valve's zombie co-op shooter Left 4 Dead won for both Best PC Game along with Best Multiplayer Game (it lost the Best Shooter catagory to the Xbox 360 title Gears of War 2).

Bethesda Softworks' title Fallout 3 got the nod for Best RPG and 2D Boy's unique puzzle game World of Goo won the event's first ever Best Independent Game Award. NHL 09 won for Best Team Sports Game (one of only two Electronic Arts sports titles they released for the PC this year). Shawn White Snowboarding got the Best Individual Sport award (Ubisoft just released the PC version). Lego Indiana Jones won for Best Game Based On A Movie Or TV Show.

As for the show itself, it definately had its up and downs; from Jack Black's over-the-top intro of Double Fine's Tim Schafer as the highlight to Neil Patrick Harris flubbing the winner of the Best Independent Game award as its lowest point. In fact only a few actual awards were given on camera with a very quick montage of all the rest of the winners given out in a few minutes of screen time. Spike TV needs to dump the musical acts and make their video game awards show more about the awards.

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