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Is Spore the most pirated PC game of 2008?

Electronic Arts took it on the chin when it announced its plans for Spore to have DRM programming that many gamers felt was far too restrictive. Now the web site TorrentFreak clams that, even with the DRM set-up, Spore ended up as the most pirated PC game on BitTorrent in 2008.

According to their story, the alien evolution sim was downloaded 1.7 million times on BitTorrent, well ahead of second place game The Sims 2 with 1.15 million copies TorrentFreak claims Spore's pirate numbers are a record for a game. Of course these numbers come just from one source of info; it may be impossible to know if these figures truly represent the amount of pirated copies out there on the Internet.

[Via GamePolitics]

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