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Midway wins in Psi-Ops copyright lawsuit

Things haven't been going Midway's way lately but today, according to Kotaku, the game publisher got some good news. A federal judge has ruled in Midway's favor in a copyright case involving their 2004 action title Psi-Ops:The Mindgate Conspiracy. A screenwriter named William L. Crawford filed a lawsuit against Midway in 2007, claiming Midway had stolen elements of an screenplay of his, also named Psi-Ops.

Crawford said in his lawsuit that Midway may have gotten access to elements of his screenplay via web sites that were created to support his project. He also claims to have shopped the script around to companies at the 2001 E3 trade show. However a judge was unmoved, ruling that there was "minimal evidence supporting a reasonable possibility" that Midway had gained access to the screenplay.

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