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New Nvidia GeForce drivers give some games a "big bang" in performance

As they are wont to do, Nvidia continues to improve and release drivers for its GeForce family of graphics chips. However the newest official GeForce drivers, released today, are supposedly something special. Nvidia refers to them as "Big Bang II". While perhaps not as huge as the explosion that created the universe, these new 180.48 drivers increase performance in a number of current and older PC games.

Nvidia claims that you will seethings like a 10 percent performance increase in Crysis Warhead, a 38 percent increase in Far Cry 2, a 13 percent increase in Assassin's Creed and a whopping 80 percent increase in Lost Planet Colonies. These drivers are for the GeForce 200, 9, and 8800 families of graphics cards for Windows XP and Vista OSs (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions).

[Thanks FiringSquad]

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