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Study shows growth in PC gaming hardware market

The latest study that shows the growth, and not the death, of PC gaming is from Jon Peddie Research. Today the research and consulting firm revealed the summary of a new study (which you can buy for the low price of just $12,000) that they say shows that gaming PC hardware is bigger than many people believe and that a recession could even help the PC game industry.

According to their press release, "The total market value for PC gaming hardware in 2008 was just over $20 billion, and that will grow to over $34 billion by 2012 - and those systems pull in an additional $6 billion in software and services sales." They also feel that an economic slowdown could slow down the growth of console gaming. "Why? Because the cost of an HDTV for the console is a serious investment, particularly when a console is limited in what it can do, unlike a personal computer."

Even the sales of retail PC games don't give the entire picture, according to one of the writers of the study Ted Pollack. He believes, "Enthusiast PC gamers often latch onto one or two games that offer multiplayer options and stick to these titles for years. Hardware is where they spend the big bucks. The retail numbers don't capture the casual and digitally distributed games either. Retail software figures are not an accurate barometer for the health of the PC gaming industry." On the official Jon Peddie web site they are even more blunt, saying, "Fact is the PC Gaming Market is bigger, worth more money, growing faster, and has better technology than the console market. How come no one but us seems to know that?"


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