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PopCap bitten by zombie game trend

Hey we all love zombies here but is this going too far? Maybe. PopCap, the developer and publisher of tons of successful casual games, is apparently following up their launch of the much hyped (and $1 million reported budget) Bejeweled Twist with...a zombie game?

TheBBPS.com site states they spoke with a PopCap PR rep who told them, "It'll be a few months, but our next new game will be worth the wait... "zombie apocalypse," the PopCap way: no blood, no gore, but blood-curdlingly fun and addictive just the same." Um..if there's no gore and blood involved then it's not really a zombie game, is it? All you get is just...people...coming to eat you. Where's the fun in that?

[Via Joystiq]

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