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Rumor: Brash Entertainment done?

The short run of game publisher Brash Entertainment could be over as of today, according to a post at Variety's Cut Scene blog. The site, citing unnamed sources, is claiming that the company that once boasted of a $400 million funding deal is shutting its doors today as the cash needed to continue is apparently not available anymore..

Launched just 18 months ago, Brash's theme was to license movie and TV shows and make them into games; there was to be no original titles. However the games that actually made it to release like Alvin and the Chimpunks, Jumper and Space Chimps all got low review scores and low sales. Company execs started leaving and last week Brash itself admitted it was laying off workers. There are reportedly a number of Brash-published games in mid-production; their fate is currently unknown.

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