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Feature: America's Army AA3 screenshot comparisons

In 2002 the US Army launched a free multiplayer first person shooter onto the Internet. Designed to be a PR and recuiting tool, America's Army was a massive hit with gamers, even with those folks who had no interest in joining the military. The game was also notable for being the first title to use Epic Games' Unreal Engine 2 graphics engine,a few months before Epic itself released its own Unreal Engine 2 title, Unreal Tournament 2003.

Since the release of the first version of the game on the PC, America's Army has been improved with a number of additional missions (46 in all now), features and more added to the game. It has registered over 9 million players since its first release. However the game has still used the original Unreal Engine 2 technology. That will change in the near future when a new version of America's Army, currently named AA3, is released. The title will finally switch over to use Epic's next generation graphics technology, Unreal Engine 3.

While the Army Game Project has yet to reveal specific details on AA3, including a release date, they did send over a number of first look screenshots to Big Download that compare the visuals of one of the most popular maps in the game, Pipeline, in both its current and upcoming versions. Of course we will have lots more info on the upcoming revamp of America's Army in the coming weeks.

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