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Contest: Big Download's Battleforge Beta Test Giveaway

[UPDATE] All the Battleforge keys have been distributed. Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest.

Big Download has another contest for our readers today and this one is going to go fast. We've partnered up with Electronic Arts to offer our readers a way to get into the current beta test for Battleforge, the upcoming fantasy RTS-collectible card game from developer Phenomic that will be officially launched in early 2009.

In short, we have 200 beta codes for the game that we are going to give to our readers. This will be on a first come-first served basis. Once we give out the keys, there will be no more. How do you enter? It's simple. Just email us at contests@bigdownload.com with the subject line "Battleforge Beta Test Contest." The first 200 people to respond will get beta codes for the Battleforge beta test. You can grab the beta test installer right here at Big Download. If you don't get one of the codes, don't fret. You can still register for the beta test at Battleforgecardhunt.com.

Remember, this is just for the first 200 people who email us. Big thanks to EA for supplying the beta codes and the installer. Good luck.

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