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Arkane Studios hit hard by EA financial problems

Last week Electronic Arts announced that six percent of its workforce would be laid off as a cost-cutting measure. However that decision has had a ripple effect on at least one outside company. Our sister site Game Daily reports that Arkane Studios, best known for their work on Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, now has a full 30 person team that no longer has work due to EA's decision to lay off team members at their Los Angeles studio.

Arkane was working with EALA on a still unnamed project and Arkane's founder Raphael Colantonio is quoted as saying, "I need to find a deal as soon as possible to reassign the team affected by this event." Arkane's only announced game at this point is The Crossing, a FPS that is attempting to mix single and multiplayer elements together. After a announcement in late 2006 there's been no further word on the project.


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