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Mass layoffs at THQ ahead of financial results?

Publisher THQ may be waiting until Wednesday to officially reveal their latest quarterly financial results but apparently the news can't be good. Media reports are suggesting the publisher is making huge cuts in its work force and shutting down more than one of its internal developers.

Gamasutra reports that Dallas-based Paradigm Entertainment has been shut down by THQ along with LA-based Mass Media. The Develop web site also reports that the UK based Juice Games has had its team cut by a third. Finally the official THQ web site has apparently removed a number of their internal dev studios off their own interactive map, (thanks Kotaku) including Helixe, Locomotive, and Sandblast Games. It's not yet known if these studios are closed entirely or merged into other THQ studios. THQ has yet to officially respond to these reports but it seems clear that their financial results, due out on Wednesday afternoon, will be pretty brutal.

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