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Is Spore one of the best inventions of 2008? Time magazine thinks so

Time magazine has posted up a list of what they think are the 50 best inventions of 2008 on their web site. In between selections like the Mars Rover, the moving skyscraper, and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (that qualifies as an invention, apparently) the list include's EA's alien evolution sim Spore at number 20.

The listing, which refers to Spore as "The Everything Game", is like reading about Will Wright's latest creation before its release last September, when everyone was thinking it would be the next major PC game title. We are wondering if Time has even read a review of the actual product which have described the game as good but not great. The magazine needs to go back to the drawing board on this list; it clearly is misinformed.

Gallery: Spore

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