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Is E For All Expo done? IDG CEO gives a cryptic answer

Earlier today we reported on the resurgence of the large trade show version of E3 for 2009. That event will be handled by IDG World Expo (who also handled the two smaller invite only E3 events for the ESA). But what about the fate of IDG's own consumer game show E For All Expo? The event has not received the kind of publisher support that the old E3 or the current Penny Arcade Expo has received and this year's event, held just a few weeks ago, only brought in 15,000 attendees.

Big Download contacted IDG World Expo for comment and received this rather cryptic response that's attributed to its CEO Mary Dolaher: "We want to thank all of our E for All partners for their support, and we encourage E for All exhibitors to participate in the E3 new event, which we believe will meet their needs as well as those of the industry at large. IDG World Expo is very pleased to be partnering with the ESA on E3 and continuing to play a central role in that important industry event. We look forward to furthering our contribution to the success of the video game community."

While that statement doesn't state flat out that IDG has decided to finally put E For All Expo to bed, the fact that IDG is encouraging "E for All exhibitors to participate in the E3 new event" doesn't sound promising for the future of the show. We will keep you updated.


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