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Stardock updates its game plans; releases teaser shot of fantasy title

As we have reported earlier today, game publisher Stardock has released its first annual Customer Report which gives an overview of the company's plans and ideas. One of the sections deals with the company's game publishing plans for both its own projects and the games that are being worked on with third party developers.

Stardock's plans for Sins of a Solar Empire, the best selling PC space strategy game with developer Ironclad Games include three micro-expansions over the next several months. Once all three are released, Stardock will "bundle them together and release a traditional expansion pack". Their plans with developer Gas Powered Games for their strategy game Demigod haven't changed; the title is still planned for release in the first quarter of 2009.

Stardock also plans to release another free update sometime this year to their own internal space strategy game Galactic Civilizations II, claiming it will be "the biggest free update to a PC strategy game that we're aware of." Their next major game is a fantasy strategy title due for release in 2010 with plans to launch a beta for the currently unnamed title in mid-2009. The report includes the first public teaser screenshot for the game (reproduced above).

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