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Cal Ripken's Real Baseball shut down

Earlier this week we reported on the upcoming shut down of the free-to-play MMO RF Online. Now another long running small scale persistent online game has apparently shut its doors but has given no explanation as to what happened. That game is Cal Ripken's Real Baseball, the MMO-like online baseball game that for several years was known as Ultimate Baseball Online.

The game launched in beta format in 2004 and was rebranded as Cal Ripken's Real Baseball in 2007. However the game's web site now simply states, "The service for Cal Ripken's Real Baseball is currently halted until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience." Furthermore the developer/publisher of the game, Netamin, has vanished as well with its web site now leading to one of those "Site under construction" pages. Simply put it looks like it's the game is over and the lights in the stadium have been turned off.

[Via Blue's News]

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