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Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 2 priced at $15

Hothead Games and the team at Penny Arcade have been hard at work to continue the adventures of Gabe, Tycho and you -- as a rake-wielding revenge seeker. Today, the digital download site Play Greenhouse has confirmed the upcoming second episode will be released at $14.95. Penny Arcade: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One was released at $19.95, which drew criticism with some gamers, and was widely considered a success.

Touting a continuing storyline for an "Episode One or new character," deeper customization, and multiple difficulty settings, the upcoming role-playing game is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated downloadable titles of the year. Slash $5 off the price off the sequel to a game we enjoyed and give us promise us more content? Yes please. It looks like Hothead is pulling out all the stops to ensure Episode Two makes an even bigger splash when it releases.


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