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Feature: Black Ops PC Games

In the PC game industry there are really only two types of games; those that are announced and those that are being developed currently in secret. These titles are what we are calling "black ops games". These are the titles that we know are in development but at the moment there's very little info on what these titles are even like, much less any word on a release date.

We have seen an example of this type of game earlier this week when it was revealed that Ensemble Studios was working on a planned MMO based on the Halo franchise. That game was canceled before the title was even announced and history is full of similar games that were being worked on but were canceled before they were officially revealed (of course there's also been a ton of games that were fully revealed but then canceled before their planned release...but that's another feature story)

So are there such black ops titles currently being made right now? You betcha. They are being created by the top developers in the business and range from first person shooter titles to RTS games to MMO projects. In this feature article, Big Download will take a look at a number of these games, some of which you may note even be aware of. However this is only the tip of the iceberg as many other PC games that we know nothing about are currently being developed as we speak...unannounced and still in the dark.

BioWare's upcoming titles

The Canadian developer of such titles like Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights and the upcoming Dragon Age title has no less than three black ops PC games in development, according to a list of their future games on their web site. One of them is described just as their "Massively Multiplayer Online" project that's being made in their Austin, Texas offices. Yet another game is Bioware's previously announced collaboration with LucasArts (BioWare made Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for them in the past). Some people have already stated that their MMO game is in fact a KOTOR MMO but BioWare's web site seems to indicate that the MMO game and the LucasArts project are two separate titles. In addition, the site also lists a "New Next Gen" game title.

So what is BioWare up to? A new KOTOR game would seem to be a no-brainer considering how well the first game did and its possible that the "New Next Gen Game" could be a sequel to one of BioWare's previous titles like Jade Empire and Dragon Age? So where does that leave the MMO game? Good question and we wish we had a good answer.

Slipgate Ironworks MMO game

John Romero usually isn't a quiet guy. The former designer for id Software for titles like Doom, Doom II and Quake famously left id to form Ion Storm. The only game he was in charge of for the doomed developer was Daikatana, a game that was delayed and then got slammed by reviewers when it was finally released.

Now Romero is no longer saying he will make us his bitch. In fact his latest game developer, Slipgate Ironworks, hasn't revealed any info on their MMO title since it's launch in 2005. Even the company's web site has no details. So when will we get some info on Romero's latest project? That is really up to him.

Croteam's next game

Croteam has generated a cult following thanks to the success of its Serious Sam first person shooter franchise. The three games in the series that Croteam was responsible for were over the top affairs with tons of enemies on screen, huge environments and a graphics engine that rivaled those created by id and Epic Games.

Last year, the new publisher Gamecock announced its presence and revealed that they had signed Croteam to make a new project for release in 2009. So far the publisher has released only three screenshots from the unnamed game which seems to take place in a more real world setting. Since that announcement both Croteam and Gamecock have been silent on their plans for the upcoming title, other than it will use the latest version of the Serious Engine. Hopefully Gamecock won't wait too much longer to reveal exactly what Croteam is up to before the planned release next year.


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