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Indie Showcase: September 23rd

Welcome to the Indie Showcase, a semi-regular column on Big Download that takes a look at games we haven't covered on the site that we really think you should play.

Just recently, TIGSource held and finished a Bootleg Demakes competition on their forums. The goal? Make a game that is a backwards version of a recently released game, such as Gears of War on the Atari 2600. Not only that, but make it like an old Chinese bootleg, with glitches, silly names, and older systems! The community showed up in force, offering up a whopping 68 entries for voting. Because of the sheer volume of entries, we haven't decided on our picks for Indiedaze yet. But here's some of the games we think you should take notice of!
Rocket Belt Rawr
Rocket Belt Rawr is a 2D demake of a game that hasn't even come out yet! Taking a cue from all those delightfully simple 2D browser physics games so much office productivity is lost to, Rocket Belt Rawr takes Jetpack Brontosaurus' gameplay and turns it into simply flying around and collecting fruit. The hilarious physics only add to the entertainment as smashing your poor segmented brontosaurus across various geometric shapes is incredibly satisfying in some base way. The game can be played online or downloaded.

A demake of Everyday Shooter's first level, Nobody Shooter is a shoot-'em-up done in classic Gameboy style. The gameplay is very true to the original game, the sound is delicious chiptune fun, and the graphics stick to the old Gameboy set-up, making this a faithful and excellent demake of an already excellent game. This game is a download only, and is designed to run under Windows XP.

As established a long time ago, and repeated often since, I do love a good rogue-like. Dwarf Fortress is one of my favorite games of all time. Nethack also holds a place close to my heart. It's a genre filled with lots of depth and replayability. This is why Dysaster caught my eye so quickly upon being announced. A rogue-like demake of Crysis, it is a clever implementation, even if it doesn't hold the huge depth of other entries in the genre.

Dysaster utilizes colored alpha-numeric symbols for all of its graphics, and the traditional @ for the player character. You can do most of the things you could in the original, such as gun down Koreans, explore villages, and use suit options. However, you can't go up and down levels. The limitations of 2D sure are wonderful! The game is in real-time as well, so make sure to pay attention and don't get behind. This game is download only.

SHADE: Ghost Academy
It's rather hard to demake a game that was essentially canceled. Starcraft Ghost has been forever lost to the mists of time, disappointing countless Starcraft fans. However, an intrepid developer decided to give the game a try, releasing the excellent SHADE: Ghost Academy. Featuring some interesting stealth gameplay nice pixel artwork, and cool sound, it plays very much like one would expect Starcraft Ghost to play like. In 2D! This game is download only.

Taking both the concept of a demake and a bootleg game very seriously, S.T.A.C.K.E.R. mixes elements of Tetris and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. into some interesting gameplay. And finally someone drew the connection between inventory management and Tetris! It only took the gaming world plenty of years before doing so!

S.T.A.C.K.E.R. plays very much like Tetris. However, unlike Tetris, you have a set goal rather than just to reach the highest score possible. You must balance your inventory while moving through the Zone. Make sure you don't overfill your inventory and die as a result. It's a great mix of games and definitely worth playing! This game is download only.

Soundless Mountain II
There are a few true classics of the survival horror genre of game. Games like Alone in the Dark, Fatal Frame, and Resident Evil. One of the ultimate all-time great games in the genre, though, is Silent Hill 2. Gamers have been haunted by the disturbing imagery, especially the instantly identifiable Pyramid Head. Naturally, one of the developers decided to remake this classic, only on the NES. Thus Soundless Mountain II was born.

Managing to capture the mood of Silent Hill 2 perfectly is no small feat, and Soundless Mountain II definitely does it. With the slow movement pace, creepy sound, interesting puzzles, and better combat than the original, it's a game that would've been genuinely scary if released back on the NES. That's an accomplishment. This game is download only.

Team Fortress 2 has been going strong now for almost a year. With three large content updates focusing on three different classes, it's had some excellent support from Valve. In the same vein, the 2D classic Soldat has still been going all this time after release, basically acting as the benchmark for 2D multiplayer action. What happens when you mix the two together? Gang Garrison 2.

The development team behind Gang Garrison 2 didn't do a true demake, as although it has a mostly-NES style graphic style, it has online multiplayer. But who wouldn't want that? The multiplayer is fun and fast paced, and manages to catch everything I love about TF2 in a 2D freeware package. It's excellent stuff and has taken off admirably. At any point, you can find 3 servers at least to play online. This game is download only, and still has network issues from time to time.

Advanced Set The Rope On Fire Cartridge
For those following the indie scene, a game caught the attention of the masses as being both a smart and funny portrayal of difficulty and hand-holding in modern games. You Have To Burn The Rope is that game, and it's a must play, if just for the fact that the game can be completed in 40 seconds and has one of the best ending songs ever. Advanced Set The Rope On Fire Cartridge is just like this, but done in Intellivision style with a bunch of easter eggs tossed in! It's a funny demake of an already funny game, and that is worthy of mention. This game is download only.

A demake of the highly anticipated Mirror's Edge, Corner's Shiny is an excellent platformer done in the same style as the old Prince of Persia games. With NES-style graphics, a gameplay system based around momentum, and some excellent chiptune music, this is a wonderful demake of an extremely promising game. This game is download only.

For more coverage on indie games and the scene, keep an eye out for Independent Minds at the same bat time, same bat channel. Also check out Freeware Friday and our indie category for some excellent freeware games and indie news, respectively.


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