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Far Cry movie premieres October 2 in Germany

Oh, Uwe Boll. We do love you. Well not in that kind of way but you know what we mean. You make movies that are really crappy and most of them are based on video game franchises like House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, Bloodrayne, Dungeon Siege and most recently Postal. We can't help but love them and you anyway. But now we are upset, man. Why? You are ditching your US detractors and premiering your latest video game adaptation, Far Cry, in Germany on October 2.

Ok, we know that's your home country but we still need our fill of crappy video game movies and your version of the terrific Crytek-Ubisoft Far Cry FPS looks like it has just enough Uwe Boll-ness for us. B-list actors, poor production values, filming in Vancouver to substitute for a tropical island....and that's just in the PDF press kit we read on your site. Hopefully you can get a direct-to-DVD or maybe a Saturday Sci-Fi Channel movie deal for Far Cry's US release. We don't want Germany to have all the fun.

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