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Rumor: Google to purchase Valve/Steam? [Update]

Update: Valve marketing head Doug Lombardi said only one word to Shacknews about the Inquirer story: "Rumor." He told two words to MTV Multiplayer: "complete fabrication.

It's the rumor that's sweeping the world...well maybe not the world but you know what we mean. The Inquirer web site, a media outlet that's been known to post some rumor stories that later turn out to be bogus, is now saying "well placed sources" have told them on a supposedly imminent deal to purchase Valve Software. The purchaser? None other than mighty search and engine Internet company Google.

The Inquirer seems to hint that a reason for such a purchase isn't Valve's considerable skills in game development but its creation of the popular Steam digital download system. Valve has yet to comment on these rumors but Google has already told the MCV web site, "We do not comment on rumours and speculation."

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